Why Printing Your Photos Is More Important Than Ever

Do you remember the days before digital cameras and smartphones, when the only way to see a photograph was to have it printed? 

We do too. And with Mootsh, it’s become our life mission to help you go back to that: printing your photos. 

From us to you, here are a few of our favorite reasons why we think photo prints kick digital photos’ butts, big time. 

1. Because the photos you print become your life memories.

Chances are good that you will remember a photo you printed 20 years ago, but you probably won’t remember any of the digital images you snapped last year, or even last month.

2. Because when you print your photos, you don’t print them all. You curate a smart, powerful, organized collection of your best photos.

Printing your photos will force you to look at them, select them, and in the process, curate your collection. We take so many photos today, the digital clutter anxiety is real. But it doesn’t have to be. Take 10 minutes every month to print your best photos, and you’ll never have to worry about the digital clutter again.

3. Because technology can fail, computers can crash, and paper…doesn’t.

Technology seems to offer this idea of security, of permanent preservation. But the truth is, technology will change, our devices will either get outdated or crash, and all this data is not really stored in the safest of ways. On the other hand, a photo print may wrinkle, or get greasy little fingerprints on it, but once it is between your hands, it pretty much becomes the most durable form possible.

4. Because digital files are much less likely to be shared overtime than photo prints.

If you don’t print your photos, there is no way others can appreciate them or reclaim their own memories in the future. And yes, we’re primarily thinking of your children, because that was the reason that motivated us to create Mootsh. How sad would it be if the most photographed generation of all times ended up being the next lost generation.

5. Because a printed photograph is 1000x more precious than pixels on a screen.

Because you can touch it, because it’s a finalized piece of art, because it is why we make photos in the first place. 

Also, because when we see our children flipping through the pages of our family photo albums, instead of swiping frantically through the thousands of snaps on our smartphone screen, it feels right. And THEY love it…

5 reasons seems to be a good number to start with. But we’ll be back with more. Because we didn’t make “going back to prints” our life mission for nothing!