Our First Photo Shoot

In early June, we did our first in-house photoshoot in a vintage trailer. What a joy!

The idea was to create a body of work that would not only accurately feature the Mootsh Membership but also convey emotion. We aimed to capture photos that would immerse you, our dear community, in a world of nostalgia and charming details. A world where photos are taken intentionally and slowly, to create meaningful memories of your big little moments. Because after all, memories are all when all is said and done.

What are the big little moments? 

The big little moments, as we love to call them here at Mootsh, are the moments in between. The simple moments of the everyday, the ones that make you smile, laugh or make your heart jump. The ones that make you feel fulfilled and happy.

Since the end of the analog era, we no longer print our photos as often (if at all), as we can easily enjoy them on screens. At the same time, due to the ease of digital cameras, we have never before taken so many photos. There‚Äôs an unfortunate consequence to this: the photos of our big little moments get lost in the cloud within the mass of all these less meaningful images. With our Mootsh Membership, we want to offer you the space and time to select and print the big little moments because we know that these are THE memories you will want to remember. 

And these seemingly little moments are big in a very special way, simply because they stir your heart.

Why a vintage trailer?

As we were searching for the perfect place to shoot our product photos, we knew one thing: we wanted a place that would convey emotions and nostalgia. We were looking for the type of place where you could actually create memories. And we found it. When we saw it, we knew right away. This vintage trailer, beautifully updated and designed by The Valley Capri, was THE one. The one that would take you on a family road trip. We could almost imagine kids playing in the back, reading comics in the afternoon light or taking a nap. We could almost see them playing cards on the wooden table and sharing a family meal cooked in the tiny kitchenette. To us, all these dreams from our imaginations rhymed with simple happiness and love.

It goes way beyond printing.

With Mootsh, our mission is to help you print your photos consistently. This way you keep a tangible trace of the all the love you felt in your life. 

But what we are really trying to do here is to inspire our community to be more intentional and involved in general: to live a life full of big little moments. And that was what this trailer was all about….