The Perfect Wedding Gift

Haven’t we all been in the situation of searching for a truly special wedding gift? Using a wedding registry is easy and convenient but can also be very impersonal. If you would like to gift something truly memorable, then you have to rack your brain to find something unique. Do you have time for that? Probably not… But having a busy life should not prevent us from finding an original gift that will surprise our newlywed friends in a beautiful way. We hope that we can inspire you and provide some guidance. 

The first step.

First you need to ask yourself, what makes a gift special to you? Is it something beautiful? Is it something authentic with a true purpose? Is it something special that your friends have never seen before? Could it be a Mootsh Gift Membership?

Mootsh Gift Membership

When we created Mootsh, we knew that printing and collecting our 10 favorite photos every month was not only a treat for yourself but also a wonderful gift for a loved one. When you think about it, you’re giving someone you care about something very powerful: memory. What value does it have overtime? It’s impossible to say exactly… It’s limitless! 

What better moment to start Mootsh than when you’re starting your life as a couple?

The wedding is the first milestone of a long story of love! The story of a new life to celebrate. From that moment on, photography is everything. Photos of your engagement and wedding of course, followed by the honeymoon and the new home. And if your friends become parents, documenting their life with photos becomes truly inescapable. 

The truth is, the happier we are and the more beautiful moments we share with loved ones, the more inclined we are to press the shutter. The question is though, what do we do with all those photos on our cameras and smartphones? Unfortunately, very often the answer is: nothing. 

When we got the idea for Mootsh, we were astonished at how much time we spent taking photos, only to upload them to some cloud in the sky, never to be seen again.

With Mootsh, we recreate a language from our analog childhood. The language of love through printed memories. When you gift Mootsh, you gift love.

“When you gift Mootsh, you gift love.”

How does it work?  

We made it easy for you. 

As the wedding day approaches, simply choose a duration for your Gift Membership, 3,6 or 12 months, and add it to your cart. We’ll take care of the rest. Your gift recipient will receive their gift card along with a personal note, on a date chosen by you. After redeeming their gift, they can start printing and collecting their most precious memories. Each month, Mootsh will remind them to select their 10 favorite photos, print them on archival photographic paper and mail them to their doorstep. It’s that easy.

10 photo prints each month, for the duration of their gift. Printed now, cherished forever.

What better way to wish them a beautiful and happy life than with the gift of memory.

Photos by Kelly Sorensen Hansen and Mootsh