The Magic of Print

Two takeaways from this photo:

  1. My little sister is and always has been a badass.
  2. We are children of the 90s.

This photo was taken by my dad while hiking in the French Alps in the early 90s. The bandana, the baggy floral pants, the fanny pack (in French, called “banane”, so chic) are all testimonies of a decade that assumed casual and shapeless like none before. It was also a very tangible world, where you had to make choices and often wait before anything actually happened.

  • Searching for the perfect tape or CD at the record store. Waiting to take it home and listen to it.
  • Checking the tv program. Waiting for that Friday night movie to play.
  • Shooting that special moment with your camera. Using up the roll of film and waiting for the photo lab to develop it.

Intentional decision-making and waiting in anticipation were a part of our lives – they shaped us. And that’s what we want to bring back with Mootsh. Something tangible that you take the time to choose, wait for, and experience with the joy only deliberate choice and anticipation can bring.

Try it for yourself, 10 photo prints on archival photographic paper, delivered to your doorstep each month. Your best memories at your fingertips, like the photo lab of the past.